Full Day

On a full day visit, a full explanation of all topics would be given. Using props to keep the children interested, they would get a full overview of the period and learn how different life is for us now. 

The cost for a full day visit within 30 minutes of Stafford is £250.

The cost for a full day visit within 2 hrs 30 minutes of Stafford is £300.

Half Day

On a half day visit, the same topics would be covered but obviously due to time restraints not to the same level of detail. Please let me know the topics that you would like me to cover.

The cost of a half day visit within 30 minutes of Stafford is £125.

If you would like a half day visit in other parts of the country, please contact us to discuss.

90 minute taster session

In this 90 minute taster, I would deal with one topic of your choice. I would discuss this with you before I arrived. This may be an opportunity to  focus on a subject which you are unable to cover with the resources you have available to you in school.

This offer is only valid in Stafford due to the short length of the session. It is also only valid from November to March. 

The cost for a 90 minute taster session is £75.

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Contact us for more information on booking a school visit.

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